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Bismuth metal pellets, 100 gr




Bismuth is a chemical element with atomic number. It belongs to group 15 of the periodic table of chemical elements (according to the old short form of the periodic system, it belongs to the main subgroup of group V, or group VA), and is in the sixth period of the table. The simple substance bismuth is under normal conditions a brilliant silvery metal with a pinkish tint. Under atmospheric pressure, it exists in rhombohedral crystalline modification. Bismuth applications Metallurgy is the main consumer of bismuth. Steel and aluminum, which contain only a few hundredths of a percent Bi, are much easier to machine. Alloys of bismuth with cadmium, lead, zinc and other metals can produce substances with a melting point below 100 ° C. Such alloys are melted to make: – fuses, fusible valves; – lead-free and fusible solders; – babbitts for bearings; – parts to replace environmentally harmful lead, such as sinkers for fishing rods, valves for water systems, shot for hunting cartridges; – caps for armor-piercing shells; – lubricants and gaskets for vacuum applications; – thermometric fluids for thermometers; – coolants for nuclear reactors; – material for fixing fractures in traumatology, for prosthetics in dentistry; – modeling materials in foundries.


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