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Sodium alginate, 50 g




Sodium alginate – Liginic acid and alginates are used in food industry and medicine (as an antacid). Used as a food additive E401, used as a thickener and stabilizer. Application of sodium alginate: the substance is widely used in food and pharmaceutical industries. It is obtained from brown and red algae growing in the coastal zone of Indonesia and Phillipines. Japan, China and the United States are the main producers of sodium alginate. This substance is obtained by treating algae with alkali. Alginate is used as a thickening agent, a substance for encapsulating, a stabilizer, a moisture-retaining agent and a gel-forming agent. In medicine sodium alginate is used as an enterosorbent, it is able to bind and excrete radionuclides and heavy metals. This substance is also useful in that it promotes wound healing, reduces blood cholesterol levels. The stabilizing property of sodium alginate is widely used in the production of emulsions, creams and lotions in cosmetology. In the production of some ointments and lipsticks also can not do without this substance. In the food industry sodium alginate is known as food additive E401. It has the valuable property of giving viscosity and structure to liquid media.


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