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Vaseline oil




Vaseline oil is a purified fraction of oil, obtained after distillation of kerosene, which does not contain harmful organic substances and their compounds. It is mixed with fats and oils and has all the properties of Vaseline. Many different medical and cosmetic ointments are created on the basis of medical Vaseline oil, it is used as a solvent for a number of drugs intended for injection and as a defoamer in the production of penicillin. In the food industry, Vaseline oil is used as a lubricant for equipment. For baths and saunas it is used as an impregnation of shelves, with permanent active dirt repellency due to the great creep of the oil. Appearance Colorless transparent oily liquid; does not fluoresce in daylight; almost odorless in cold conditions Solubility Conformity with the test (practically insoluble in water) Acidity/alkalinity Conformity with the test Dynamic viscosity at 20°C, mPa. c 25-80 Relative density at 25°C 0.810-0.875 Light absorption at 240-280nm, max. 0.10 Easily carbonizable substances Not darker than standard Solid paraffins Visible line 0.5mm Sulfur compounds Conformity with the test Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons Conformity with the test Kinematic viscosity at 40°C, cSt 28-36


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